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3D Design Capable

Product Design
CAD design We have 3D design capability to work from the concept design to the final production products. These jobs will be directly integrated with our 3D print prototype making, tooling making, and product manufacturing. We will work with our customer for the design details and provide total solution for the production.

Tooling Design
All the mold design has been completed to the detail component design. With this completed design, all the mold components were made concurrently. The 3D surface parts were directly converted to the CNC programs for cavity contour or EDM electrodes making. 

Molding and Manufacturing
CNCWe do 3D printing prototype and small scale manufacturing. We also provide mass production service. The secondary operation may include silk screen, ultra sonic welding and product assembly.


Manufacturing Operations:

3D Design Capability

3D Printing Prototype

Product & Mold design

Tool & Mold making

Injection Molding

Secondary Operations and Assembly


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